Thursday, December 1, 2011

RC helicopter

53' Inch QS8006 Biggest RC Helicopter 3.5 Ch Metal GYRO QS8006  New Model

Product Features
· Going forward, backward, turn left and right, rise, fall
· 360 ° comprehensive accurate positioning, the more suitable for outdoor and indoor spin flight
· Unique design of wind YeShuang layer jammed protection function, make the operator more secure
· The design has light, remote control switch function, make the night flight light effect even more special
· Intelligent the proportional remote controls, smooth impending performance
· Outdoor stability control 80 m to 100 m distance
· The remote control: indicator light, low voltage alarm function
· Indicator light or so fine-tune buttons; The remote control switch function instructions lamp lights, the function of power
Product Specification

Battery:14.8V, 1500mAh
Control distance:80-100m
The flight time: 7 minutes
Time: 3 hours or so charging
The main motor type: 390, tail motor type: N50
Battery specification: 14.8 V, 1500 mAh
The plane weight: 1270 g
Color: Red or Blue

Packing Detail
1x 100% New 8006 GT Helicopter (Please remark if you like Red or Blue Color in ebay note only when you purchase, otherwise, we will ship out random color)
1x Remote Control
1x AC Charger (100-240V)+ 1 plug fit for your country
1x Screwdriver
1x Instruction Manual
1x A&B Main Blade
1x Balance Charger
1x Tail Blade
1x Left & Right Missile Case


  1. Thanks For sharing.These are good looking helis. RC Toy Helicopters have made it possible for anyone to enjoy flying .They are however still surprisingly fun to pilot and the perfect choice if you are just starting out and want to know if you even enjoy flying something remotely .

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